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Salamon & Seaber was established as a consulting and analytical chemists in 1910 in Mark Lane, in the City of London, as a partnership between Maurice Salamon and William Macro Seaber, who were both in their late twenties at the time.

They recognised that quality control was an ever more demanding requirement from buyers and sellers, of goods being imported into the London Docks from all over the British Empire.

Their analytical interests were wide, from essential oils waxes and feeding stuffs and sugars, to the detection of explosive gases in ships tanks.

Salamon became official analyst to the London Cattlefood Association and was an approved analyst for the London Oil and Tallow Trades Association. After the Second World War these were eventually to become the Grain and feed trade Association (GAFTA) and the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA), both influential international trade associations.

Through these trade associations, Salamon & Seaber have a global reputation for being completely independent and impartial.

The most profound change to Salamon & Seaber occurred in 1979 when the partners decided to incorporate the partnership as a Trust for the benefit of the company's employees, and so Salamon & Seaber Ltd was formed.

The guiding principle was to ensure the independence of the company.

Over the years Salamon & Seaber would occupy several premises, including those at Trinity Square near to the Tower of London, Rangoon Street, Crutched Friars, Northumberland Alley, Old Street, Hanbury Street, and currently at Beaumont Grove.

The most recent directors, Bob Bassett, Albert Moulder and Michael Blotz, would see Salamon & Seaber develop further, expanding our analytical testing range and becoming accredited by UKAS in 1993.

The world of analytical chemists has changed in so many ways over the years with the disappearance of many independent laboratories.

This has left Salamon & Seaber as the only London based analytical chemists, in the heart of the global commodities trade.

Our staff form a tremendous team, with years of experience and expertise, working together to uphold the core principles of the company, that is, our independence, impartiality, integrity and reliability.

[Mr Maurice Salamon]
Mr Maurice Salamon

[Mr William Seaber]
Mr William Seaber

Results certificate from 1920 (Click for larger image)
Certificate from 1920
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Providing independence, impartiality, integrity, and reliability since 1910.