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Oil Seeds, Oils & Fats Analysis

Salamon & Seaber have vast knowledge and experience of this commodity sector and offer a comprehensive analytical service for:

  • Oil Seeds
  • Oil and Fats (including Tallows)

We provide a full range of tests on a wide variety of products using appropriate standards and specifications requested by our clients.

Standards / Specifications

  • Salamon & Seaber are approved Category L1 full member analysts of FOSFA International for oil seeds, oils & fats and selected groundnuts. We perform all mandatory and many optional FOSFA contractual methods on commodities traded under terms of FOSFA International Contracts.
  • USDA FGIS specifications and methods are used for grading of certain oil seeds, Rape seed (Canola), Soya beans, Sunflower seeds.
  • Codex Alimentarius specifications are used for oils and fats.
  • ANEC specifications using methods of MAPA technical regulations.
[Oil Seeds] [FOSFA]

Oil Seeds (Rapeseed, Sunflower, Sesame, Soya bean, Groundnut, Cottonseed, etc.)

Typical quality analysis

  • Moisture and volatile matter
  • Impurities (Admixture, Foreign Matter)
  • Oil content
  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA) content

Physical specifications

  • Determination of foreign matter, damaged seeds, broken seeds, etc.
  • Determination of toxic / noxious weed seeds (including Castor seeds / husks)
  • Determination of insect infestation and identification
  • Test weight
[Groundnuts] Cotton seed sample

Oils and Fats (Edible and Refined oils, Crude Oils, Fats and Tallows)

Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Olive oil, Rapeseed oil, Castor Oil, Palm oil, Palm Olein, Hydrogenated oils, Mixed Acid Vegetable oils, etc.

Methods of analysis used are those of FOSFA International, ISO, AOAC, AOCS

Oils used in pharmaceutical preparations must comply with pharmacopoeial specifications such as those of the BP / Ph. Eur, USP / NF BPC, etc.

Typical analysis
Quality Characteristics
  • Fatty Acid Profile (FAP) (Identity test)
  • Moisture and volatile matter
  • Insoluble impurities
  • Soap content
  • Iron (Fe) content
  • Copper (Cu) content
  • Acid value / Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
  • Peroxide value (PV)
Physical Characteristics
  • Relative Density
  • Apparent Density
  • Refractive Index (RI)
  • Saponification Value
  • Iodine Value
  • Unsaponifiable matter
Oil Seed Rape Sunflower seeds & oil

Essential Oil Analysis

Salamon & Seaber offer full Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of essential oils using E.O.A. specifications as well as requirements of other monographs such as BP, FCC VII, etc

General analysis includes the following parameters:

  • Assay
  • Refractive Index
  • Solubility in Alcohol
  • Specific Gravity (SG) (Relative Density)
  • Optical Rotation
  • Flash Point
  • G.C. Analysis
  • Infra Red Spectra
Lavender field Essential oils

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