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Microscopical Examination

Microscopy is used to help establish what a particular material is, or what it contains if it is a mixture of substances. The technique is particularly used by Salamon & Seaber when examining the bulk commodities (e.g. soya bean meal) which are incorporated in animal feeding stuffs, to establish whether there is any admixture present (e.g. matter foreign to the particular commodity being tested). It is also used to investigate for the presence of insects or insect fragments and other foreign bodies found in food or animal feed after storage, or by a consumer.

Microscopical analysis can be used for the detection of:

  1. Botanical undesirable substances, e.g, poisonous seeds
  2. Determination of the type of contamination
  3. Foreign body investigation.
  4. Detection and identification of common spoilage moulds.
  5. Detection of presence of animal by-products in vegetable by-products using Commission Directive 2003/126/EC.
  6. Identification tests in pharmaceutical raw materials.
In addition to microscopical analysis Salamon & Seaber also undertake comprehensive analysis of biological stains, colours, and dyes.

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